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Latest Version: 2.1.1

Your Version: 2.0.2

Version History

Release Name Status Description Release Date
jPFChat 2.1.1 beta The main jPFChat component zip file 2010-01-12 Download
jPFChat 2.1.0 stable the main jPFChat component 2009-11-20 Download
jPFChat 2.0.2 stable The main jPFChat component installation file 2009-10-01 Download
jPFChat 2.0.0 stable The main jPFChat component installation file 2009-04-10 Download
jPFChat 2.0.0 RC 1 The main jPFChat joomla installable component. Features include mootools compatibility and mySQL cache configuration. 2009-03-15 Download
jPFChat 2.0.0 beta v2beta6 2009-02-12 Download
jPFChat 2.0.0 beta v2beta4 2008-12-12 Download

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