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Won't load in IE PDF Print E-mail

Loading fine in FireFox, but NOT loading in IE is THE typical primary symptom of the MooTools conflict we already know about.   Please see HERE for workarounds.

And... Here's another workaround offered by a customer.... and it seems to work OK in both Joomla 1.0.x sites with MooTools templates and Joomla 1.5.x sites also.

After installing the jPFChat component... don't makea menu link to the component as the instructions indicate.   Instead, make a menu link to a WRAPPER.

In the wrapper url, put the url to the jPFChat component like this...

(NOTE:  replace with your own website url.... and notice it's a link to index2.php instead of index.php).

Doing this... will set the chat window up in a wrapper, and it seems to pick up fine on all the parameters... at least as far as we've tested it.

Of course... make certain you set the height of the wrapper window to be greater than the height of the chat window by about 150 px or more... otherwise, you'll cut off the bottom of the chat window.

Thanks for this one go to... Klaus-Dieter Floegel, KDF-Consult 

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