Refund Policy PDF Print E-mail

Refunds:  We do NOT provide refunds for subscriptions, purchased services or removal licenses.  All sales are final.

Product Swaps:  We do NOT provide swap-outs of one product for another.  The behind-the-scenes work needed to undo and redo a purchase makes it cost prohibitive to handle these requrests.   Please be cautious BEFORE YOU BUY... and make sure you know what you are purchasing.

Bugs:  Please report bugs to us so that we can fix them.  Discovering a bug or problem with our software is not a valid justification for a refund.  All software contains bugs, in various stages of eradication.  We endeavor to correct bugs, improve the functionalify and enhance the features of our software on a consistent and ongoing basis.  Newly discovered bugs will be corrected in subsequent releases of our products.

In the event you feel you have made an honest mistake not covered by the above statements, please submit a ticket to our support team, or send us an email about the issue and we'll try to do whatever we feel is fair and right.