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MooTools Compatible! 
jPFChat now uses the MooTools javascript library, ensuring seamless operation with MooTools templates, components and modules.  It's complete Joomla compatibility.

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MySQL Cache Removed
The Joomla database is no longer used as a cache handler.  There were many users on over-loaded MySQL DB's that really slowed everything down.  The File cache is back. 

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jPFChat 2.1.1 beta
Release Date: 2010-01-12

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jPFChat: better than ever...

jPFChat is better than ever.   Instead of fighting with the Prototype javascript library, we've rewritten jPFChat to USE MooTools.  This means that jPFChat will now load flawlessly in most Joomla! websites.

It won't matter anymore whether your using Joomla 1.0.x, Joomla 1.5.x, templates with MooTools or without.   To ensure full compatibility, we've written jPFChat to sense if MooTools is already loaded.  If it is... then jPFChat won't load it again like many other components do.

The MySQL cache is another improvement.  Click the link in the header above to read more about it.  

And there's several new features in the back-end also.  You can alter Flood Control settings, specify a redirect page for unregistered users trying to access the chat and control several other additional settings not included in previous versions.

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Using the Joomla Database... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 08 February 2009 15:14

jPFChat now uses the Joomla MySQL database to handle all chat caching.  The phpFreeChat script is written to use a file based cache as a default.   This caused several problems on some installations... based on file system permission settings and whether php had been configured in a specific (but common) manner.  

All those potential issues are now a thing of the past.   Using the Joomla MySQL database as a chat cache eliminates all the file handling issues entirely.  And... on every system we've tested it on, the chat operates faster and more reliably this way as well.

phpFreeChat includes a MySQL "container" that we've taken advantage of in this release.   The jPFChat script automatically accesses the appropriate details to allow the chat script to access the database.   The appropriate database tables are built during the initial installation of the jPFChat script.

So... register now and give it a try.  It's the best jPFChat ever!



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