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jQuery and jPFChat

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jPFChat and jQuery are NOT compatible.   jQuery and MooTools are two different javascript libraries.   Prototype is another.  

phpFreeChat (the chat script at the heart of jPFChat was originally written using the Prototype javascript library.  We've rewritten phpFreeChat using the MooTools javascript library.   This allows jPFChat to function seamlessly in a Joomla website.  Before we did this, the many well known conflicts between MooTools and Prototype caused jPFChat to hang.

We now are hearing from people who want compatibility with jQuery as well.   This is NOT going to happen.  At least, it's not going to come from us.

Joomla has made the decision to use the MooTools javascript library in the native Joomla 1.5.x code.  Joomla 1.6 seems as if it will follow suit.   And we're going to simply remain true to what the Joomla folks have decided is the appropriate central javascript library for Joomla... and that's MooTools.