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Mysql container: create table error



After installing I get this message:

phpFreeChat cannot be initialized, please correct these errors:

This issue indicates settings on your MySQL setup that are incompatible with jPFChat's index requirements.

There is a new setting in the jPFChat back-end that allows you to use the FILE cache instead of the MySQL cache (it's under the advanced tab).   Please change this to "file"... and this should eliminate the problem.

If you downloaded the RC1 version and it doesn't have this setting in the back-end, please download and install jPFChat v2 RC1a or later for the fix.   Uninstall your current jPFChat version first.

THEN... CLOSE YOUR BROWSER SO THE CACHE CAN RESET.   MAKE CERTAIN EVERYONE ELSE IS  OUT OF THE CHAT AS WELL.   Then, start it back up and you should be using a File based Chat instead of the MySQL based Chat.

You can tell (if your technically oriented) by looking for the chat folder in components/com_jpfchat/pfc/data/private/.   If it's there (alongside the cache and logs folders) then you're all set.

If you still get the error after doing the above... then we cannot help you further at this time.   We'll be working on a possible solution.


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