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Sunday, 16 May 2010 14:13

A.  Thanks for your support...

First and foremost... we wish to give a sincere "THANK-YOU" to those who have supported jPFChat as it has developed over time.  Some of you have supported us financially.  Some, with prominent articles on your websites.  Some with thoughtful comments.  Some with feature suggestions.  Some with modified code snippets.  Some with positive feedback on various forums (including  We APPRECIATE you!  The rest of this article is NOT aimed at YOU!

We've been doing software for quite some time.  In fact, we've been doing FREE software, of one sort or another, for a very long time.  For the most part, this has been a win-win proposition for us.  Users get software at no cost.  We get potential license fees, related affiliate sales and a list of names to market our commercial software to.  This is all well and good.

B.  The Darker Side...

Having said that, we also need to add that we've just about had enough of the overwhelming arrogance of some members of the Joomla Community.  This is not an indictment of the entire Joomla Community by any means... but there is what seems to be a growing DARK SIDE to the Joomla Community.  There are those who have apparently come to believe that they ought to get EVERYTHING for FREE... and are proud to DEMAND it without reservation of any sort.  

There are a significant number of people who seem to think that "FREE" software (ie: open source) means FREE like in FREE BEER.  These people imagine that Open Source developers wait around to be used and abused at the drop of a hat.  They seem to believe that FREE means that we have an obligation to read, respond to and thankfully acknowledge their (mostly undeserved and uninformed) rants, criticisms and complaints.

We've had people "threaten" to report us to the "BBB" if we didn't solve their problem with jPFChat, in their VERY FIRST EMAIL TO US!!!.  We've had people ridicule us for "ASKING" that users help support jPFChat by buying a "Powered By" Removal license or another of our affiliate related products.  And most recently, we had a really idiotic email from a guy who said jPFChat was useless to him because of certain missing features, and DEMANDED that it be re-written or else he would give us a bad review.  He said he would write his own code, but had more important things to do!  His position was that if we were marketing a chat, we needed to be responsive to customer needs.   

All of this nonsense, and much more, from people who haven't paid even ONE CENT for anything from us!

C.  Changing our approach...

To this uninformed and often ridiculously arrogant crowd, we simply must say that you have caused us to rethink our approach.  We have decided to make jPFChat a "commercial" GPL product.  It's going to take a short while to get this change implemented... please bear with us as we make the necessary changes to our website.

To those who might be offended by this change, we simply add that when you use the Joomla framework and the myriad of available extensions, you are getting the work of hundreds of developers, mostly for FREE!   Show at least a little gratitude!  If you can't at least offer your respect and kind words... even if you think our software is crap... at least understand our reaction to you.  

We don't do this lightly.  Our decision comes on the heels of about 6 months worth of fairly regular feedback, demanding FREE services with an UNBELIEVEABLE aire of entitlement. 

If you've previously purchased ANY license from us, or donated to this project, you will have continued access to jPFChat releases without any further purchase requirement.

D.  THANKS AGAIN to all who have been a positive part of the jPFChat project!

We're moving to a "commercial" format for jPFChat.  If you're still interested, please visit back in about a week, maybe two.



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