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You must register to download jPFChat.  We are currently updating our website.  It should be ready by Sunday, May 30.  Please check back then to register.

When you register, we WILL send you  short series of emails pertaining to things we do to help keep jPFChat free.  Please read them, and if you're willing to contribute to our efforts... follow the suggestions we outline in those emails.

jPFChat v2.0.0 Stable PDF Print E-mail

We've been providing this zip file to several customers with specific issues, and it seems to have solved most of them.   Among the improvements in this stable release are...

  • Corrected a faulty path for the built in mootools.js
  • Added a header to force IE7 compatibilit mode for chatters using IE8, until all the IE8 issues get worked out.
  • Fixed paths so that joomla installations into subfolders work properly.
  • Added the ability to turn chat session logging on or off (to improve performance if desired).  Default is OFF 

If you're using any of the previous v2 beta or RC releases... or if you're still a v1 die-hard... we strongly recommend that you upgrade to v2.0.0 stable today.

To upgrade, simply uninstall your current jPFChat component, and install this version using the joomla installer.   You may want to make a printout of your jPFChat settings when you upgrade, so your new v2.0.0 stable installation can be quickly and easily configured the same as your current install.  


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 April 2009 05:51
jPFChat v2.0.0 RC1 PDF Print E-mail

This release features the major improvements discussed on our website including...

  • MooTools compatibility
  • MySQL cache instead of using the file system cache
  • Many additional parameters in the back-end
  • Private chat issue in v2beta6 has been fixed

Known issues:  jQuery based templates, modules or menu effects will cause conflicts.  

The v2.0.0 RC1d release fixes some reported issues with duplicate posts, as well as problems switching between MySQL and File cache settings.  It also speeds things up a bit.

The v2.0.0 RC1c release fixes problems reported on some servers with MySQL errors upon installation indicating that the Key Length was too long and the jPFChat tables couldn't be created.   We've also been made aware of a Joomla 1.0.x installation problem with a passed variable error, and that's also fixed in this release.

The v2.0.0 RC1b release adds a setting to allow you to select either MySQL or File based caching, for situations where the MySQL database has configuration settings that don't allow the chat to use it properly.   This release also adds a dynamic url setting, so accessing the site from either a www url or not makes no difference, as in prior releases.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2009 19:09
jPFChat v2beta6 PDF Print E-mail

With this release of jPFChat, we've finally completed a rewrite of the phpFreeChat script using MooTools instead of Prototype.   This will make jPFChat completely compatible with most Joomla 1.5 templates and modules (with the exception of the few that use jQuery).  

This release also uses the Joomla MySQL database as the chat cache, instead of using the file system like earlier jPFChat versions.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2009 23:51
jPFChat v2beta4 PDF Print E-mail

Further improvements on the v2 rewrite, which so far primarily brings the Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 versions of jPFChat together into a single installation zip file.   We hope to soon complete a rewrite of the phpFreeChat script converting it to a MooTools based tool.  This is a major issue for the v2 release. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2009 23:51
jPFChat v1.x.x files PDF Print E-mail

Here are the older v1 release files... for anybody who might need them.


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