jPFChat v2.0.0 Stable Print

We've been providing this zip file to several customers with specific issues, and it seems to have solved most of them.   Among the improvements in this stable release are...

  • Corrected a faulty path for the built in mootools.js
  • Added a header to force IE7 compatibilit mode for chatters using IE8, until all the IE8 issues get worked out.
  • Fixed paths so that joomla installations into subfolders work properly.
  • Added the ability to turn chat session logging on or off (to improve performance if desired).  Default is OFF 

If you're using any of the previous v2 beta or RC releases... or if you're still a v1 die-hard... we strongly recommend that you upgrade to v2.0.0 stable today.

To upgrade, simply uninstall your current jPFChat component, and install this version using the joomla installer.   You may want to make a printout of your jPFChat settings when you upgrade, so your new v2.0.0 stable installation can be quickly and easily configured the same as your current install.  


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 April 2009 05:51