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Anyone who used the original jPFChat script knows that the biggest issue to overcome (especially with Joomla 1.5) was MooTools.    MooTools is a popular javascript library used by coders to make complex coding tasks easier and faster. 

MooTools is a Javascript library that is included with Joomla 1.5.  It's used extensively by many modules and components and just didn't play well with jPFChat because of several foundational javascript conflicts.

jPFChat uses the robust phpFreeChat script as it's basic building block for creating a high performance chat room.   Unfortunately, phpFreeChat was written using another javascript library called Prototype.  And Prototype and MooTools cannot peacefully coexist in the same web page.   And that's the root of the problem many jPFChat users faced.

So... we made a decision to rewrite the phpFreeChat script using the MooTools library instead of the Prototype library.   This completely removes the problem... and produces a significantly improved user experience because only one javascript library needs to be loaded... MooTools!   This means less memory used, less load time for the page, and faster and more reliable response in the browser.

jPFChat no longer has a problem with MooTools and no longer requires any complex workarounds in order to function properly in a Joomla 1.5 website. 



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