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Vizimetrics was founded in 2001 to provide internet marketers with products that help operate an on-line business.  Our products grew out of our own need to manage our own websites...  so we think we know what we're talking about!

Today, our products are in use around the globe... installed and operating on a wide variety of projects from small personal websites to full-scale large corporate intranets.

Visit these websites to learn more about our flagship products...

visit wysiwygpro.com visit wysiwygez.com

Visit wysiwygPro!WysiwygPro is one of the best web based editor components you'll find anywhere.  It integrates seamlessly with Joomla (v1.0 and 1.5), WordPress, CMSimple and Mambo.  Additional CMS plugins are being worked on.

WysiwygEZ is a full featured file manager built around the WysiwygPro editor component.  Our original intent was just to build a sample application to "showcase" WysiwygPro.  But there were so many requests for a tool like WysiwygEZ that we just went ahead and completed the user interface, added appropriate security safeguards and a full GUI configuration screen... and now market it separately.

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